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1 Weekly China thermal coal market analysis and forecast 2022-01-17

China's domestic thermal coal prices extended the upswing last week, driven by the ongoing export ban in Indonesia that would delay January arrivals to China. Participants expected a downbeat market i

2 China's 2021 power consumption rises 10.3% YoY 2022-01-17

China's power consumption reached 8,312.8 TWh of electricity in 2021, up 10.3% from 2020 and 14.7% from 2019, with two-year average growth at 7.1%. showed data from National Energy Administration on J

3 China's coking coal prices firm; 4th coke price hike in impasse 2022-01-17

Coking coal prices remained buoyed in Shanxi at the start of the week backed by resilient purchases from downstream coking plants, although prices showed signs of stabilizing in Inner Mongolia followi

4 Rising momentum weakens in China's thermal coal market 2022-01-17

China's thermal coal market eased the rising steam at the beginning of this week. Expectations of a decline in the remainder of the month arose in the market after Indonesia eased its export ban and u

5 China Coal Daily Track (Jan 17) 2022-01-17

Thermal coal Production area Overall thermal coal supply shrank slightly, as some coal mines had the Spring Festival leave plan. Miners said supply fell short of demand, given active restocking

6 Weekly China coking coal market analysis and forecast 2022-01-17

China's coking coal market remained strong during the past week and all types of grades registered growths, with primary coking coal and fat coal up largely, since coal supply was tightening as more m

7 Weekly China met. coke market analysis and forecast 2022-01-17

Chinese metallurgical coke producers proposed the fourth round of coke price hike last week, as supply was not able to catch up with demand amid still resilient replenishment demand from steel mills a

8 China's Dec raw coal production rises 7.2% on yr 2022-01-17

China's raw coal output was 384.67 million tonnes in December, up 7.2% from the year prior, with the growth expanding by 2.6 percentage points from November and presenting the largest rise since April

9 China's Dec production of coal and other main industrial products 2022-01-17

China's production of coal, coke, crude steel and other main industrial products in December 2021

10 China's 2021 crude steel output down 3% YoY 2022-01-17

China produced 1.03 billion tonnes of crude steel in 2021, down 3.0% from 1.05 billion tonnes in the preceding year, well beating the target of limiting output at the year-ago level, according to the

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1 Indonesia allows 37 coal vessels to leave although export ban continues 2022-01-13

Indonesia granted 37 vessels loaded with coal to sail abroad, the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime and Investment Affairs on January 13, although the minister emphasized the ban on coal exports has n

2 Indonesia will reopen coal exports in stages after 10 days of suspension 2022-01-11

The Indonesian government has ensured coal exports will reopen in stages, said a senior official late January 10, after a full ban on coal exports was imposed for 10 days. Luhut Bin

3 S Korea requests Indonesia to reopen coal exports after Japan 2022-01-10

South Korea requested Indonesia to lift the coal export ban through its trade minister on concerns of the risk of energy shortage, making it the second country after Japan to protest against Indonesia

4 Indonesia mulls to liberalize pricing mechanism for domestic coal supply 2022-01-11

Indonesia's state utility PLN would buy coal at market prices in a way to guarantee domestic energy supply, a senior official said on January 10. Currently, utilities in Indonesia buy coa

5 Mongolia Dec coal exports slump 65.36% MoM 2022-01-10

Mongolia exported 541,000 tonnes of coal in December, slumping 65.96% or 1.05 million tonnes on the year and 68.35% or 1.17 million tonnes on the month, the lowest since April 2020, Sxcoal calculat

6 Philippines asks Indonesia to resume coal export on energy safety, report 2022-01-10

The Philippines' energy secretary Alfonso Cusi has requested Indonesia to lift its coal export ban, saying the policy will have adverse impact on its energy supply and economy, Reuters reported, citin

7 S Korea Dec coke imports surge 74.71% YoY 2022-01-13

South Korea imported 29,700 tonnes of coke in December 2021, rising 74.71% year on year but falling 29.12% month on month, customs data showed. China remained the major cok

8 Indonesia Nov coal exports at 4-mth low, statistics bureau data 2022-01-11

Indonesia's coal exports reached 33.74 million tonnes in November, down 8.77% from the year-ago level and 14.2% month on month, the lowest in four months, showed data from Statistics Indonesia.

9 Haoji railway runs 10,000-t heavy-haul train for 1st time 2022-01-12

A heavy-duty train loaded with 10,589 tonnes of coal in 105 wagons arrived at Xiangyang northern station in central China's Hubei province on January 10. This is the first 10,000-tonne tr

10 Shaanxi saw 49.23 Mt of power coal term contracts inked for 2022 2022-01-11

China's major coal-producing base Shaanxi reported power coal annual term contracts totaling 49.23 million tonnes have been reached between coal and power producers for 2022, according to Shaanxi Refo

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1 Indonesia's Jan coal export ban leads to controversy, may be revised later 2022-01-03

With the arrival of New Year 2022, the Indonesian government's sudden announcement of a ban on coal exports throughout January has sparked great concerns in the global market. The Indones

2 CORRECTED-Chinese buyers see limited impact from Indonesia's coal export ban 2022-01-04

Chinese seaborne import coal market reacted indifferently towards potential impacts that may result from Indonesia's latest ban on all coal exports, suggesting the downward trend is hardly impossible

3 China thermal coal edges higher; Indonesia's coal ban not revoked as expected 2022-01-06

The positive sentiment triggered by Indonesia's export ban has not simmered down in China's domestic thermal coal market, driving offers higher on January 6, although participants were skeptical of it

4 Chinese coal market loses steam after new signs in Indonesia's export ban 2022-01-05

China's spot thermal coal market stabilized on January 5 after a pickup a day earlier triggered by Indonesia's coal export ban, as some new developments indicated the ban may not last long.

5 China's coking coal prices extend rise; 2nd coke price hike accepted 2022-01-07

China's coking coal prices continued rising with a limited improvement in supply squeeze, as miners kept a cautious stance in production approaching the lunar new year while replenishment from coking

6 Shanxi coking coal prices bounce back sharply on tight supply 2022-01-11

High-quality coking coal prices have surged by more than 300 yuan/t in China's top production hub of Shanxi since the start of December, with a tightening supply-demand fundamental fueled by the stron

7 China's coking coal prices likely weaker despite firm start in 2022 2022-01-06

China's coking coal prices are expected to be weaker in 2022 compared with the preceding year, despite an upbeat start in January, in anticipation of a supply expansion from both domestic production a

8 Indonesian thermal coal market keeps in silence pending decision on export ban 2022-01-07

Indonesian thermal coal market remained tranquil on January 7 with no offers and bids heard from traders due to uncertainties on whether and when the export ban, introduced on December 31 for the whol

9 Downward correction looming in China's coal market as Indonesia eases export ban 2022-01-11

China's domestic thermal coal market showed signs of weakening on January 11 as the sentiment weakened after Indonesia greenlit a dozen of vessels to sail out and planned to reopen coal export gradual

10 China met coal market braces for supply impact as COVID cases rise 2022-01-12

China's coking coal supplies are likely to be affected as the country is imposing tougher restrictions to battle the multiple outbreaks of the delta and omicron variants ahead of a travel rush before