• Monday January 17,2022
  • 13:47:22
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    China's crude steel output stood at 1.03 Bt in 2021, down 3% YoY; pig iron output at 870 million tonnes, down 4.3% YoY; steel products at 1.34 Bt, up 0.6% YoY, NBS data showed.

  • 11:41:11
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    As of 11:30 a.m. (GMT+8) Jan 17, Chinese coking coal futures fell 3.80%, coke dipped 5.18%, thermal coal rose 2.82% and iron ore dropped 2.35%.

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    The global seaborne coal trade volume increased by 5.7% YoY in 2021 along with the gradual recovery of global economies from the COVID-19 pandemic, said VDKi on Jan 14.

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    China's added value for above-sized industrial firms increased by 4.3% YoY in Dec and up 0.42% from Nov, showed data from the NBS.

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    China's coal-dedicated railway Daqin line reported a 4.32% YoY rise in coal shipment to 39.57 Mtin Dec 2021, with daily delivery reaching 1.28 Mt. Total coal shipments in 2021 were up 3.96% to 421.03 Mt, according to Daqin Railway Co., Ltd.

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    China's raw coal production rose by 7.2% YoY to 380 Mt in Dec 2021 alongside the country's supply guarantee efforts, accelerating from a 4.6% growth in Nov and marking a 10.7% rise from Dec 2019. This was accompanied by a 20.8% drop in coal imports to 30.95 Mt in Dec. Coal output in 2021 increased 4.7% YoY to 4.07 Bt, while imports were up 6.6% to 320 Mt.

  • Friday January 14,2022
  • 15:50:02
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    Russia's state-owned railway operator Russian Railways delivered 372 Mt of coal in 2021, climbing 5.2% YoY. Coke shipments were 12 Mt, up 7.5% YoY.

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    As of 15:00 p.m. (GMT+8) Jan 14, Chinese coke futures opened the daytime session at 3,099.0 yuan/t and closed at 3,082.0 yuan/t, down 3.32%; coking coal opened at 2,284.0 yuan/t and closed at 2,299.5 yuan/t, down 2.63%. Thermal coal fell by 1.23% to 692.4 yuan/t at close, after opening at 689.0 yuan/t.

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    A total 15 Chinese producers reported more than 50 Mt of raw coal production in 2021, down from 16 in 2020. Their combined output rose 120 Mt or 5.3% YoY to 2.47 Bt last year, taking 61% of China's total, according to preliminary statistics from the CNCA.

  • 14:35:38
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    China's NDRC said China is expected to see a supply-demand balance in coal market alongside falling demand approaching the end of coldest days and the Spring Festival holidays, as well as current sufficient supply and high stocks at utilities.

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    Coal stocks at key power plants in China have remained above 160 Mt since Dec 7, 2021. On Jan 12, power coal inventories stood at 162 Mt, 21 days' worth of use, up by 40 Mt from the year-ago level, the NDRC said on Jan 14.

  • 11:37:38
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    China's coal imports in Dec totaled 30.95 Mt, down 20.8% YoY, taking overall receipts for the whole year of 2021 to 323.22 Mt, a 6.6% rise from 2020, the customs data showed on Jan 14.  

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    As of 11:30 a.m. (GMT+8) Jan 14, Chinese coking coal futures fell 3.51%, coke dipped 3.26%, thermal coal slid 1.91% and iron ore dropped 2.91%.

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    Coal export volume reached 31.5 Mt in 2021, up 6% YoY, said the Colombian coal miner Drummond in a statement.

  • 10:19:50
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    China's major coal production base Ordos sold 720 Mt f of coal in 2021, up 8% YoY, completing the coal supply tasks to 18 provinces & municipalities and within its own regions, said director of local energy bureau Huo Liping.

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